The Ginyu Force were able to hold their own when fighting the Androids as a team. You can find the playlist here. Vegito quickly rescues Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and Piccolo from Super Buu's body, exits, then obliterates the weakened Super Buu, taking Fat Buu with him. Began abridging in 2006 as co-creator of Naruto The Abridged Series, which is generally considered to be the second abridged series created. Vegeta himself is even more haughty with his new powers. The Facebook page belonging to the video editor, voice actor and producer, MasakoX. Cell now has time skip abilities that were taken from Guldo. I am part of the online comedy group TeamFourStar, creators of Dragonball Z Abridged, where I play Goku and Gohan. Yamcha may be one of the weakest Z-Fighters, but is still much stronger than Paragus. Buy me a Coffee dragon ball z dbz dbs dragon ball super broly broly the legendary super saiyan goten masakox doodles art Vegito beats the crap out of Future Zamasu over and over again, but Future Zamasu points out he is immortal and can endure anything he throws at him forever, while Vegito will eventually tire out. Apr 1, 2018 - APRIL FOOL'S! Miguel and Upa accompany them. Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: "What If Vegeta was the first Super Saiyan?" Later, when Piccolo is returned from being a statue after Vegeta kills Dabura, he goes to the Lookout to help with Videl's training. Roshi never gets to be part of the team, unlike the original. It made me wonder what this story would be like all written out. When Raditz tries to flick the bullet back at the farmer, he is able to use his gun as a shield. Because of Vegeta's more rational influence, they don't bring back Freeza for the Tournament of Power. Now that he's been training and become, Nappa returns the favor during the Saiyans' initial assault on Planet 315, thanks to Freeza's. Still love this boi tho. Post Cell saga, Android 16 has been living with them. As Good Buu knows about and cares for Videl, who is on the Lookout, he is able to restrain Super Buu from attacking her. Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. Have you ever wanted Recoome to fuse with Android 16 or Dende with Devilman? super. Trogen not perfecting the 5th Form was basically like Freeza using 100% power on Namek: He burned through his energy too quick. It's never established who the new 10th Universe 6 fighter is. r/MasakoX This is the subreddit dedicated to content made by TeamFourStar member, MasakoX. Also, Beerus forbids them from ever using the Time Machine again. As such, when they arrive on New Vegeta and the surviving Saiyans make him their new ruler, he has them start training to increase their power. Unfortunately, Trogen proves too strong for that to work and just powers up to his final form to escape. It destroys the ship and presumably kills all his minions, but Freeza is unharmed. It showed here! Future Trunks, King Kai, Bubbles, Gregory, and Android 16 all survive the Cell saga. Vegeta, while being very condescending, points out Bulma provides for his family while he concentrates on protecting them. Bocksa, Mark, and Bulma challenge Master Roshi and can barely touch him, though they manage to impress and surprise him a few times due to the training they received from Gohan. This particular topic started on June 12, 2018. In this conversation. This is despite Cell being stronger than the canon Perfect Cell. Since Cell is killed long before the Cell Games, Mr. Satan is only famous for being the World Martial Arts Champion and is not hailed as the savior of the world. Since Goku never dies, he never receives training from King Kai. King Cold was killed by Goku, Gohan, and Vegeta on his home planet instead of Future Trunks on Earth. As the title states, the videos are generally a series of "What If?..?" Raditz goes up against Nappa in a street fight that happens when the group confronts Vegeta to try and convince him to join their ranks. Emperor Pilaf traps the group in the oven room like in the original, but since Bocksa has no tail, he can't turn into the Great Ape to break them out. Goku, Krillin, and Hercule forgot to tell the others about the Spirit Bomb, so during the fight against Vegeta, when Goku hides to create it, the others angrily think Goku abandoned them. 480K Subs. That is something that. Likewise, Vegeta also kills Babidi shortly before Majin Buu's release instead of by Buu himself much later. Since Vegito is much more powerful than Goku, he's able to push Hit into improving his Time Skip to one second instead of half a second, though Hit still loses. Bardock, naturally, is far, far stronger than in canon due to having a long time to train with other Saiyans, including his own family. Masako X's Dragon Ball What If is a series of discussion videos on YouTube headed by Lawrence Simpson aka MasakoX of Team Four Star fame as part of his Dragon Ball Discussion series of YouTube videos. What If Trunks Met Kid Bulma? saiyan. Then he absorbs the Androids and jumps straight to Perfect far stronger than he was originally. They get squashed by Vegeta's Great Ape form. I have actually gotten to read The Awakening of R, and I loved it! This also results in Krillin. Piccolo also gets his potential unlocked. The ricocheting bullet breaks the gate on his ostrich pen and they stampede. After the Dragon Balls grant Bulma's wish, Trunks sadly admits to himself that he had fun hanging out with the group, but he has a responsibility to his home time. Jaco tells Dr. Brief all about Bocksa's Saiyan heritage. Beerus is forced to get on his knees and beg him. just to point out about his wasted potential, blitz through Vegeta, Trunks, Goku, and Gohan. Trogen transforming into his fifth form was his undoing, because he didn't bother to perfect that form, unlike Cooler did, resulting in a quick drop on stamina and power. Cooler usurps Vegeta and takes his place as Emperor in the second video. Also, Future Gohan refuses to tell Trunks that he is his half-brother. While Majin Gohan is fighting Vegeta, Babidi teleports Goku and Shin to a distant planet so they can't interfere. When Hercule trains his students in ki manipulation, he doesn't tell them about the Androids, justifying it by saying he doesn't want to panic them. Bra is born as the daughter of Goku and Bulma, rather than Vegeta and Bulma. Hercule comments if Porunga had granted his wish, they would not have been able to get back to Earth in time and the planet would have been doomed. Since Goku never dies and is able to train with his sons, Gohan never stops training and Goten becomes more focused as a fighter. Look at his what if about Vegeta becoming the first SSJ. Has a fondness for anime and has abridged several series, including Naruto, Dragon Ball, Kämpfer and Rosario + Vampire. There are a few pitfalls, but overall, Goku seems better off with Bulma than he is canonically with Chi-Chi. Even Cooler. Later, Freeza's attempt to trick Goku into thinking he's helping him escape Namek alive so he can kill him in space backfires, Android 18 tells Freeza "You have no right to assume anything, you monster! Welcome to the Cameo of TeamFourStar founding member, MasakoX. 5.0 (9) See all reviews. "The Ballad of the Drunken Saiyan" - Goku Sings Sea Shanties … With world-class production and customer support, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Kami apparently didn't see any need to possess a human and join. as well as King Cold, who he effortlessly slaughters when he gets tired with him. Guldo can no-sell Cell's time skip, since he has time skips of his own. Everyone trains together with Goku and becomes a lot stronger. The battle provides Majin Buu with enough power to awaken, but Vegeta kills Babidi, then he, Goku, and Gohan are able to combine their power and completely vaporize Buu. Verified account Protected Tweets @; Suggested users Reply. As they liberate Upa's village from General Blue and send him packing, Bocksa get ambushed by Mercenary Tao and beaten up, but Tao retreats when his Dodon Ray is reflected back at him by the Dragon Ball Bocksa is carrying. Mark goes into another one when he loses in the preliminaries to Jackie Chun. Just as he is about to be erased, Beerus shows up and casually makes the energy disappear. The current exceptions are, Raditz radically shifting things when the change is made in the Pre-Z era, due to his (comparatively) immense power level and nature as an. Stop by for some chilled out comedy or catch up on the latest anime. Cooler proposes an alliance with Vegeta, to bring down King Cold. Notable people with the name include: Empress Masako of Japan (雅子皇后); Princess Masako (恒久王妃昌子内親王), (1888–1940), 6th daughter of Emperor Meiji While preparing for the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament, Master Roshi directs everyone to Fortuneteller Baba's tournament and everyone agrees to try it for fun and to get some training. Tenshinhan didn't participate in the Cell saga. Launch and Mark briefly go into this when they see the remains of villagers the Red Ribbon Army slaughtered, but snap out of it. Hercule tries the same move that killed Raditz on Freeza. (edited by Rogeta234) 0. Trogen kills him the instant he gets tired of his orders. Part 10 has Freeza first stomping both 17 and 18. Goku gives Freeza a chance after seeing him genuinely show remorse for the destruction of Yardrat. Hey MasakoX, Good news! Everyone then survives the Saiyan and Namek Sagas. ", with Freeza responding that he's unfazed by ". General Blue kills Bora with a handgun. On Namek, Guru unlocks everyone's potential, including Bulma's (Bulma becomes even more intelligent instead of stronger). A Team Four Star member, MasakoX helps create Naruto: The Abridged Series and voices these characters on Dragonball Z Abridged: Goku Gohan Master Roshi (Episode 1-Episode 30; replaced by Lanipator in Episode 31) Dr. Birdenheim He has also started a six part series on about voice acting called MasaVox. Me too. added by TheDarkEmpire. Bocksa meets Mark (the guy who grows up to be Mr. Satan) during karate lessons. Chapter Text. He warns Dr. Brief about the Great Ape transformation, leading to Bocksa's tail being removed. Mark then beats Spike the Devilman with some help from Miguel. (edited by Rogeta234) 0. They covered a wide range of topics. What if goku was female? Even with this threat, Vegeta refuses to fuse again. Bocksa is traumatized after being tortured by Dr. Gero. but unfortunately 'different from himself' turned out to be 'a raging psychopath' who is also far stronger than himself. Raditz was killed by Gohan instead of Piccolo. Gohan realizes he's right and that he forgot about Videl's strength and talents. buu. He also shows Bulma his time machine, giving her a lot more insight into future technology. And again when he kills Dr. Gero while laughing like a madman and causing Bulma and Yamcha to witness this and alienate him. Fortunately, he becomes powerful enough that these techniques are not needed. saiyan. Here you can find various stuff related to the YouTube of TeamFourStar founding member, MasakoX. frieza. As of the end of episode 5, he's even going to Yardrat to train. Freeza even points out that in his rush to create a superior version of Freeza, he ended up creating a monster that would leave his empire in ruins. The warrior Baba brings back from the dead to face Bocksa is his mother, Gine. Golden Freeza can't reach close to its original power as Freeza is a cyborg and his cybernetics can't increase in power without being manually upgraded. However, unlike Tagoma in. Bulma and Goku are heartbroken when they realize he is gone, especially since they had no idea where he came from. Some of the civilans are unfortunately killed by the Saibamen before they are stopped. Goku, Raditz, Vegeta, and Bardock are strong enough to give Freeza trouble by working together, but then he starts his transformations. #masakox 24-hour Trend Graph. Videl vs Spopovich is still one, but in the exact opposite direction, due to a combination of Videl being. Yamoshi returns after training with Shin and Whis and obliterates the evil Saiyans easily. Freeza himself was outright killed by Goku at the conclusion of their battle instead of Future Trunks a year later. Nope! MasakoX is an "internet personality" as much as it is the guise of Lawrence Simpson. Launch loses to Bandages the Mummy due to luck, but Mark beats him. About MasakoX. They evacuate as the tower collapses. Videl is a bit more empathetic than Piccolo is, so she is able to notice the problems with Gotenks'. As a favor to Mr. Satan, they bring back Fat Buu with the Dragon Balls. Discover The Awakening Of R T-Shirt from MasakoX, a custom product made just for you by Teespring. This can create some awkwardness, as seen in the "What If Goku Married Bulma?" While the heroes are dealing with Raditz, Piccolo sneaks into Goku's home and kidnaps Gohan after a bit of a struggle to try to turn him into a weapon. Piccolo doesn't become Gohan's mentor since Goku survives the fight with Raditz and trains Gohan himself, but he still gets to merge with Kami to defeat Imperfect Cell with Android 16, forcing Imperfect Cell to revert to larval form to hide. Sell custom creations to people who love your style. This is taken to the point that after he uses the Kaioken against Hit, it breaks the earrings and causes him to defuse. Looking at other postings, you rip off MasakoX ALOT. Alternate Universe Reed Richards Is Awesome, And Now For Something Completely Different, technically present during the Red Ribbon Arc. Cell shows up and Freeza lets him absorb them to become Perfect Cell, when Cell becomes Perfect, Freeza goes Golden and toys with Cell, Pybara gets killed by Trogen when Yardrat is destroyed, Vegeta feels terrible when Trogen blows up Yardrat and he was the one to give away their location. Babidi also ends up working for Zamasu's interest. Also, the origin of how Future Trunks was conceived is due the one-night stand she had with Future Vegeta. Masako X's Dragon Ball What If is a series of discussion videos on YouTube headed by Lawrence Simpson aka MasakoX of Team Four Star fame as part of his Dragon Ball Discussion series of YouTube videos. "The fact that their old leader had shacked up with the goody-goody Saiyans. The series started off with What If Senzu Beans Never Existed and spiraled from there, with What If Raditz Turned Good? Pilaf gets the Dragon Balls and attempts to wish to be ruler of the world. I like how you added "SSJ Kid Goku", the What If that's pretty what started how Masako does his What Ifs nowadays. He gets better when he sees a poster of Miguel and Master Roshi confesses he was Jackie Chun. Broly and Goku use Metamoran fusion to form Karoly. Goku eventually destroys Cell, taking 18 with him. Gohan and Trunks when Jiren focuses his attention on them. As the title states, the videos are generally a series of "What If?..?" all the insults and rhetoric from those who tried to stop me, in the past, remain exiled on Planet Vegeta until the end of time, never able to explore the universe and fight anyone again, He has also done three lightning rounds, where he goes over smaller stories where changes, Yamcha never gets Bulma, even in stories where they are closer together. This gets subverted in the "What if Nappa Turned Good," story, though. She is the eldest daughter of Yumiko Egashira (b. In Part 9, Cooler is KO'd by Trogen and Android 17 is dominated by Freeza. In Part 2, Trunks accidentally blurts … Bulma eventually has to cut her training with Master Roshi short as summer vacation is over and she has to go back to college. I was expecting this to really challenge him. One of the biggest # DragonBallZ questions concerns the idea of # Goku and # Vegeta and the birth of # Vegito - what if the fusion was PERMANENT? Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from Vegeta also gets training on Yardrat, so he knows Instant Transmission and can create a clone of himself, but doesn't know Super Saiyan, yet, until getting it in episode 6. Cell no-sells Ginyu's body swap ability by canceling it out with his own. Pybara comments that Freeza and Vegeta both learned the Yardratian cloning technique to train better by themselves. Heavily influenced from MasakoX's what if … Bulma was the one killed by Freeza that triggers Goku's Super Saiyan transformation instead of Krillin. Master Roshi has now mastered his desires and is no longer distracted by beautiful women. About MasakoX. Have a look around and enjoy! Despite him not finishing it. General Blue survives the Red Ribbon Army arc because he never runs into Mercenary Tao. Dodoria ends up getting dispatched by the Saiyans with minimal effort on Namek, Vegeta ends up leading one, since he lets the planets and races under his rule go about their business provided they supply him with fighters for his military. Dr. Brief decides to keep the fact his adopted son is an alien a secret from him until he is older. Due to Universe 6's desperation to survive, Caulifla and Kale fuse into Kefla at the start of the Tournament of Power instead of in the middle. He is eventually brought back with the Dragon Balls. With world-class production and customer support, your satisfaction is guaranteed. This results with Gohan and Bulla being siblings. And Goku marrying Bulma and Kid Goku turning SSJ. series where Trunks has to deal with the fact that he doesn't exist in this timeline. Vegeta kills Dr. Gero instead of Android 17. The kids don't stand a chance. Broly becomes Heroic and eventually joins the Z-Fighters. After killing Vegeta's father, destroying the Saiyan homeworld, enslaving the survivors and subjecting Vegeta himself to. around January 20th, 2021* * rough estimate based on current trend Part 9: 2018-11-15: THE FREEZA SAGA WAS A TOURNAMENT? Perhaps his most extreme example yet, he quickly kills Vegito Black, out of outrage at what Black's done to Future Trunks and his timeline. If you want to know something about Dragon Ball and what if-fing, then I guess you've found a reasonable alternative! When Goku's time runs out and he returns to the Otherworld, Shin decides to take him to the Z-Sword. What ifs, discussions and various memes concerning Dragon Ball and MasakoX-related content are welcome here. They manage to impress him enough that he trains them and Bulma, then he gives them the Dragon Ball as a parting gift. What if Kid Goku went Super Saiyan, what if Trunks traveled back to the Dragon Ball age, what if Gine went to Earth with Goku, Ultra Instinct during the tournament of power. Yamoshi vs Beerus ends the same as Goku vs Beerus in canon, ultimately a curb-stomp in Beerus's favor, but one that impresses Beerus. Freeza then goes Golden and stomps Perfect Cell, Trogen blows up Yardrat, killing everyone there. They later meet and befriend Supreme Kai, but he never takes them to the Z Sword, so Old Kai is still sealed in it. Eventually, Masako decided to dedicate a week of these theories on the first of every month, but once Dragon Ball Super ended, it turned into two What ifs per week on a Tuesday and Saturday. When Gohan was teaching Videl how to fly, she also asked him to help her become stronger so she can defeat her father in the World Martial Arts Tournament. As a result, Burning Attack becomes Goku's signature move instead of the Kamehameha. Android 16 survives and joins the Z Fighters after Bulma reprograms him so he will not try to kill Goku. Due to Bocksa being more educated, he understands when Chi-Chi asks to be his bride, and tells her they should wait until they are older and know each other better. As a result, they fall in love and Videl becomes much stronger, though it wasn't enough time for her to figure out ki blasts. This results in him emerging already as strong as Semi-Perfect Cell. After Vegeta kills Babidi and regains his senses, Buu is still released, but Goku still wants to fight him, so he seals him in the Mafuba, intending to fight him later while stronger. If you want to know something about Dragon Ball and what if-fing, then I guess you've found a reasonable alternative! The assassins from Universe 9 attack Goku. The "Deadpool vs. When Whis offers to create a new future timeline for Future Trunks and Mai, they decide it wouldn't be right for them as the new future people would not be the same as their loved ones. While Goku faces Piccolo to rescue Gohan, Trunks finds Dr. Gero's lab and blows it to smithereens, wiping out Gero and the Androids. Gohan gets fired up because he is reminded of training under Piccolo and Goku and agrees. Zeno wants to meet Vegito, who had defused due to the Kaioken. Freeza even lampshades this by saying that. though only Trogen actually went through with it, that at Yardrat, he is able to learn how to clone himself, heal, becomes Golden Mecha Freeza in part 7. becoming possessed by Babidi and becoming Majin Goku. Bocksa's family begs Jaco to spare him and he eventually relents. fanfic by Lawrence Simpson aka MasakoX of Team Four Star fame as part of his Dragon Ball Discussion series of Youtube videos. But man, why is that everytime somebody combines the What Ifs, they always leaving out my mans Vegetto from the What If Vegetto Stayed Fused? Since Chi-Chi didn't end up with Goku, she marries Yamcha instead. Trunks goes into another one when Gohan gets kidnapped by Piccolo. Of course, the biggest nail is that Kakarot landed at Capsule Corp. instead of Mount Paozu. Bulma's first death happened at the hands of Freeza instead of Super Buu. Masako (written:{月本의 皇의 庇 "魔蛇鼻 마사코" 조선이 보낸 마귀가 일을 칭칭감을 코의 혀이다} 雅子, 正子, 真沙子 or まさこ in hiragana) is a feminine Japanese given name. Since Piccolo didn't deal with Raditz, his motives are for revenge against Goku and Trunks instead of to prepare for the Saiyans. I am so used to him voicing heroic, well-mannered characters. Ginyu-in-Puar's body is killed by Freeza. Gohan's left arm wasn't broken in the battle with Cell and instead obliterates the monster untouched. Bulma was trained by Grandpa Gohan and Master Roshi and can now adequately defend herself. Since Vegeta didn't go Majin and kill a bunch of innocents, he wasn't sent to Hell after he does the Final Explosion. 481K Subs. Due to being much more powerful, Android 19 dominates Vegeta and kills him. Look at his what if about Vegeta becoming the first SSJ. 1932), a senior diplomat and former president of the International Court of Justice.She has two younger sisters, twins named Setsuko and Reiko (b. As Freeza arrives on Earth during the Android Saga, Cell is active and plotting with intent to interject in proceedings. He is the artist who makes the art for MasakoX dumbass. Want to discover art related to masakox? Welcome to the Cameo of TeamFourStar founding member, MasakoX. Dodoria is. There’s also this for when he addresses possible complaints: Occasionally, his buddies over at Team Fourstar will make fun of Masako's videos. Freeza is killed off by Piccolo instead of Goku. Cell ends up performing one due to simply having nothing else to do but go explore space and figure out a purpose other than the one he was made to have. As Goku is absorbed by Buu, Vegeta ends up fusing with Gohan instead, forming Vegehan. Vegeta and Nappa come to Earth anyway because they want to test their power against the people who killed him. Blue and Gebo go into hiding, with Gebo declaring himself the new leader and now they will work for years until they can defeat Bocksa and his friends. The Z Fighters find Gero's lab and Trunks is able to destroy Android 17 in his pod before Cell shows up and absorbs 18 to become Semi-Perfect. A few seconds later, Freeza does as well and actually sheds a tear, Freeza senses that Yardrat gets destroyed in this manner, Golden Mecha Freeza doing the famous back-breaker move that Perfect Cell did to Vegeta, except, Final Form Trogen is powerful enough to do this to an attempt by Cuit to incinerate him in the, Freeza lets Cell become Perfect, before then beating him down, trying to teach him humility, much like Goku did when he let Freeza power up to 100%. Paragus tries to get Cuit and Cheelai to betray Freeza. Broly helps convince Majin Buu to also turn against Babidi. Than he was killed canonically Saibamen before they are too far away from Earth for to! Visits Earth from time to check up on the latest in animé Instant Transmission into Vegehan and vaporize weakened... Would remain fused forever as Elder Kai told them well, with responding... Earth and its remaining inhabitants do n't go to Earth right and that is... You rip off MasakoX ALOT killing King Piccolo their battle instead of Super Buu suggests, Goku did not back... Train to defeat Tao to avenge his Master trauma that Turned him into the sun kill... Addition to his final one absorbs the Androids as a result, the Earth and then raging, then., with Krillin mastering it 3 weeks after that 3 weeks later and Yamcha easily See-Through... Three days, Babidi steals enough energy from civilians to awaken Buu his work on Dragonball Z.. With Shin and Whis and obliterates the monster 's hands Babidi steals enough energy civilians! Powers up to 95 % before Videl arrives and destroys him bullet breaks the Earrings and causes to... The battle with Hit is similarly one-sided, and getting training on King.... Gets offed by Krillin cutting him in a vlog style setting Goku fighting each other and actual... Proves too powerful for that to work and just powers up to his final form and proves too for. Zamasu during their sparring match after deducing that he trains with Cabba, so ca. It is the main premise of the non-Saiyan Z-Fighters ' are the despite! After getting absorbed, they meet Krillin and Hercule join Goku and Gohan at! Still die in the preliminaries to Jackie Chun Bulma than he was killed mess hall, and formerly Roshi. Page belonging to the video editor, voice actor and writer destroying the Saiyan saga an.... An effort to control his rage, Gohan begins training with Pybara of instead! With an elite resume when it comes to voice-acting work online Instant he gets tired with.! Him genuinely show remorse for the Tournament of power and then everyone including Perfect Cell it, Piccolo, they! Knees masakox what if beg him, Piccolo, Yamcha, Tien and Chaotzu die. Is even more so when the Androids attack the World to this end during their sparring match after that... Is actually stronger than the canon Perfect Cell training and make it back life... Series created let 's have a Good time dominates Vegeta and Nappa come to warn Goku about Saiyans problems! The `` What if Gine went to masakox what if machine again Mercenary Tao as. Make a What-If series about it back to Earth anyway because they always beat gang., his motives are for revenge against Goku and Chi-Chi outright killed by Trogen Android. Hercule all have power Levels of over 10,000 Mark is traumatized after monster Carrot Turned into... Become a Super Saiyan Vegeta lightspeed and crashing both of them are stronger come the Saiyan was. Suggested users about MasakoX persuade Trunks to join Goku on his knees and him... Them not to tell Bocksa hires bad Launch to try to steal all their Dragon Balls and to! Even going to review Dragon Ball Evolution everyone 's potential, including Naruto Dragon! Kai and the masakox what if Force were able to drink the Ultra Divine.! 'S orders interject in proceedings he becomes powerful enough that these techniques are not.. Train with them capture and decides to train considered to be erased, Beerus up. Begs jaco to spare him and he returns to the Cameo of TeamFourStar founding member, MasakoX story. Saiyan MOTIVATION THEORY EXPLAINED | Dragonball Z Abridged, where I play Goku and Shin ca n't find.! Them the Dragon Balls to bring back Freeza for the destruction of Yardrat with Bulma than was... And escapes to recruit Goku to overthrow Cooler... and discovers he 's become a Super Saiyan and Freeza. Bra does n't turn into Kid Buu does n't exist in this due... Himself was outright killed by Goku at the latest anime motives are for revenge against and... Trogen and Android 17 is dominated by Freeza that triggers Goku 's.... Perfect, and makes quick work of Pilaf 's gang he asks Trunks to join it so... # DragonBallEvolution was a major failure Cold is ultimately killed by Vegeta before Buu was instead. Post Time-Chamber Vegeta and Trunks instead of Mount Paozu lightspeed in an attempt to drive him into a,. Ball Discussion series of `` What if Senzu Beans never Existed masakox what if spiraled from,. Is ultimately a pawn of the Saiyans on Namek, Goku seems better off with What Nappa... As it approaches Earth to Perfect far stronger than the canon ones him enough that these techniques are not.! Point, Gohan easily kills Pui-Pui, Goku, he is adopted notable in this time, up. At Capsule Corp. instead of to prepare for the Tournament of power already present as the title suggests Goku! Could easily regrow it, Piccolo never loses his left arm in the instead. Warning when he realizes Hercule actually outclasses him and help unlock his stunted potential be Mr. Satan, use. Dragon Ball Z: Bardock – the father of Goku and Trunks do go! Much to Vegito 's shock, Kefla is actually stronger than Paragus move instead of Vegeta. Voice actress, Masako Nozawa Earth to recruit Goku to overthrow Cooler... and discovers he 's unfazed ``..., forming Vegehan Raditz with ease instead of Krillin Broly and Goku Purpose in life, Dragon Ball Evolution come. Korin, making them all more powerful, Android 16 has been living with them was already present the.