Re: Nautilus FW 7 or 5+. NO TAX & FREE SHIPPING! £1 - £50 Fly Reels; £50 - £100 Fly Reels; £100 - £250 Fly Reel; £250 - £500 Fly Reels; £500 - £1000 Fly Reel; above £1000 Fly Reels Behemoth Spool . Gorge Fly Shop carries a wide selection of Nautilus fly reels. Designed to be fished beyond IGFA regulations, this reel is equipped to go head-to-head with your terminal tackle, and with a maximum drag of 25+ pounds, the GTX is built to put the brakes on the fastest and strongest fish on the planet. Our inventory changes constantly so please call us any time: 941-483-6847 (We answer 9am-9pm EST - Every Day!) $1,495.00. Behemoth Reel . It will come attached to a reel foot, so you need to indicate your reel model for everything to fit. For years, Nautilus Reels has accelerated advancements in reel technology, and light years ahead of the industry standard, Nautilus’ unique history is an important reason why … C $849.05. and has only minor lost of paint at the edges of the reel foot. Lightweight, self-lubricating bushings promote long life even with heavy use. Nautilus FWX Fliegenrollen. The company turned fly reel design on it’s head by replacing cork and rulon drag systems with unique graphite disc drags that are completely sealed against the elements. If you have a freshwater species in mind, we have a reel … This is an honest personal review of the Nautilus FWX 5/6 and the Orvis Mirage II (3, 4 , 5) Fly Reel. Compared to other reels, the Nautilus FW/X drag system is butter smooth on startup, but it … The spool dimensions are new. from $635.00. Colorado LT . >

This is a rare model which is no longer available and future classic. The reel was loaded with 100yds of 20# backing and a WF6F line. The drag systems have not changed. News & Updates. Nautilus Custom Parts - Hooker $35.00 Available on ALL current Nautilus series Cost is for a hooker purchased with a reel; If purchasing JUST a hooker, it is $35 for the part, and $35 for the custom color. C $1,046.50. Orvis Battenkill Disc Fly Reel. One look at the reel and you know this reel pushing the envelope of fly reel design. In fact it's all I own except for my first reel - a ross that sees kayak and canoe FW duty. All the components on these reels are machined aluminum except the reel handle. * SCFX Drag-The totally new SCF-X drag is a sealed Teflon® and carbon fiber disc drag system. Load More Products. You note in the review that the reel weight of this Nautilus is 4.5 ounces; not 3.75 ounces as Nautilus claims. Call us any time for assistance: 941-483-6847 (9am-9pm Every Day!) The New Nautilus X-Series XS Fly Reel features a completely open frame that is extremely light, boasts superior rigidity, a super smooth powerhouse drag, and amazingly fast line pick up. NAUTILUS CCF 10 FLY REEL- BLACK- VERY GOOD CONDITION* LEFT HAND RETRIEVE* Up for grabs is a used Nautilus CCF 10 fly reel. Nautilus makes some of the best reels for saltwater fly fishing! These reels have a solid reputation and I can back that from my own experience with. This is a great example of a lightly fished FW 3 Reel finished in Titanium Colour. Nautilus FW 3 Fly Fishing Reel. Nautilus CCF-X2 8-10 Fly Fishing Reel - Orange (8-10 WT) NEW - Free US Ship. Echo Ion Reel . The rod came in at 3.5oz on the same scales. The reels is a few years old, has been used only 4-5 times, was upgraded last year by the factory with a new CCF Drag and clicker system and comes with Blank Lifetime Warranty Card, neoprene pouch and box. Die Nautilus FWX-Rollen gehören zu den leichtesten Fliegenrollen auf dem gesamten Markt und gehören zu unseren meistverkauften Fliegenrollen. The Nautilus Classic X. Reminiscent of the FWX Series and Featuring a full back frame reel like the traditional Nautilus reels, the class X offer the classoc Nautilus look while delivering the performance of the award-wining X-Series drag system. When launched the FW series was an immediate success owing in large part to its versatility and feel. From small trout to large bass to massive steelhead, pike and musky, you need a fly reel that is functional and reliable. Nautilus X Series XL Reel (6-7 WT) Black - Free US Shipping. Sold Out. $119.99. Cons: Nautilus lies. FL. or Email: We are happy to make a custom color order for you, and nearly every piece of a Nautilus reel … The cutting edge X-Series design has strong beams that extend from the center to a wide line guard. The reel is rigged with a Bass Pro Shop Vanguard Fly Line WF5F. Some fly fishers who walk into the Caddis Fly know they want a Nautilus fly reel, and Sage fly reel, a Sage fly reel, a Lamson fly reel, a Redington fly reel, or a hardy fly reel. Nautilus X-Series Design and Features. I would speak to them and I am sure they will make it right. Shop our inventory of Nautilus Reels today and get free shipping on domestic orders over $50. Abel Super 7/8 Limited Edition AC/DC Reel . The FWX reels are remachined FW series reels. A little rain won’t hurt a thing. Nautilus NV-G Fly Reels. They are the lightest reel on the market at any price. I am selling Nautilus FW No.5 reel with sealed drag. A Nautilus fly reel will hold up to the harsh elements. Reel frame sizes are the same, but the porting is different. Available in three frame sizes but featured here is the Nautilus XM fly reel - 3.5” diameter, 4.3 oz, which is for line weights 4-5. Regular Price: $285.00 . These fly fishing men and women know a lot about fly reels; but sometimes we are able to help a little when a customer has questions about fly reel selection. C $454.14. $59.99. Nautilus X-Series Fly Reel. Fantastic condition Nautilus FW Three Fly reel made in Miami. BEFORE adding backing and line, the reel weighed 4.8oz on two postal scales. NAUTILUS GTX. Almost gone. The FW3 is capable of holding lines of weights between #2-#5 owing to its unique design. Orvis Battenkill Fly Reel. Nautilus GTX Fly Reels : New 2020. Not only this reel, but every Nautilus reel I've ever owned. Available in brushed titanium or black anodizing. Nautilus NV Monster Fly Reels. Almost gone. From trout size to Tarpon. Nautilus reels feature a new carbon fiber disc drag system—a generous drag knob provides an excellent gripping surface/texture for wet & cold fingers. I personally own both of these reels. Through innovative new frame construction and improved spooled design, the Nautilus reels began with a cult following of anglers who loved the look and feel of their unique reels. There is a special spot in hell for a company that lies about the weight of its reels. Price: $790.00 More Details Buy. Reels. Orvis Battenkill Disc Fly Reel. Nautilus X-Series Fly Reel. The reel is set-up for a left hand retrieve and has the Nautilus SCF Disc Brake system. This reel is in excellent condition and appears to have little or no use and was recently purchased at an estate sale. from $275.00. I own numerous Nautilus reels. When you visit the Nautilus Fly Reels factory in Miami, you encounter dedication amplified by passion, diligence fueled by tradition, and generations of experience with machinery. Nautilus fly reels are the finest reels made and are the fruit of 180 years of family tradition, innovation, and excellence. 3-4 Line Fly Reels; 5-6 Line Fly Reels; 6-7 Line Fly Reels; 7-8 Line Fly Reels; 8-9 Line Fly Reels; 9-10 Line Fly Reels; 4-5 Line Fly Reels; by Price. They are an amazing company and reel. Nautilus Classic X Reels: New for 2018! Price: $635.00 More Details. Almost gone. The reel is in excellent conditions, no nick !!! ... Nautilus Custom CCF-X2 - 10/12 - Fly Reel - Key Lime/Silver. Nautilus NV-G Fly Reel. The GTX from Nautilus Reels is in a class of its own. Orvis Battenkill Fly Reel. Special Price $202.96 . from $149.00. Nautilus CCF-X2 Silver King Fly Fishing Reel - Custom Orange -NIB Free US Ship. made in the usa nautilus fw5 3 1/2″fly fishing reel + spare spool & lines £ 275.00 out of stock Fly Fishing Reels from Orvis, Tibor, Waterworks Lamson, and Hatch. For what it is worth: I use a Nautilus FW 5+ on a Loomis GLX 9ft, 6wt rod.

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